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Meg Reports – now free!

We’ve been providing competitive premium reports to life insurers for over 15 years.  Recently, a product manager at an insurer raised an interesting point.  He was dissatisfied that he was both providing premium data to software companies for them to monetize and at the same time charging the same life companies for access to the very premium data they’d just given out for free.

We agree.  Our new Meg Reports are now provided for free to life companies that choose to provide us with their premium/rate information.

Designed with Product Development in mind.

Our Meg Reports service provides you complete control over your design and comparison reports including:

  • Design your own reporting parameters. Our Meg Reports control panel lets you design any combination of inputs – age, sex, health class, face amounts, etc, and save them as a report.  You can then run these reports whenever and as often as you like.  Create your standard set of management reports and run them once a month, or run them mid-month for monitoring whenever a competitor changes their rates.
  • Self-test your new products.  Design unlimited new products and upload rates yourself right within the Meg Reports control panel.  Then, run your reports combining current competitor products alongside your test products.  All privately, all unlimited.

The most versatile competitive premium reporting tool available, and it’s free!  Call now for to get started – 866.779.1499.