Life Designer Pro™

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Life Designer Pro™

Serving four life company functions:

  • Actuarial – vast amounts of competitor premium data.
  • Management – easy to generate industry snapshots.
  • Product Development – Design your own custom policies, then instantly integrate them into the above reports.
  • Marketing – Instant online quotes to snapshot cases.

Life insurers now have access to modern, dynamic, and cloud based tools allowing them to monitor the marketplace and design new, competitive products.

Life Product Designer™ has four seperate functions. At it’s core is a simple quoting system providing you access to the term marketplace. Next, a variety of management reports allow you to monitor the marketplace. Filling the actuarial department’s need for more data, our reporting functions allow you to run large volumes of quotes within seconds and receive it in Excel format. And our exclusive product development feature lets you dynamically create unlimited custom life insurance policies and integrate them into the above reports.
See how it works here.

It just doesn’t seem right for you to provide us with your premium data at no charge on one hand, then turn around and charge you to access that data in reports. We provide the above services (AND outstanding client support services if you have any questions) at no charge for life companies that assist us with their premium data. Call us now to get started – you could be running reports today.