DIY Leads

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Looking to generate your own personal stream of leads from your website? There’s no better way than our DIY Leads Plugin. It’s the easiest way to add life insurance quotes to your website to generate leads.

With our DIY Leads Plugin, you have THREE ways to generate leads.

  1. Quote Request Leads: Visitors enter their contact information in order to receive an instant life insurance quote. That contact information is processed and sent to you immediately for followup.
  2. App Request Leads: From the quote, visitors can select a ‘more information’ button requesting info on a particular company. This second step leads is of the highest quality, and again, sent to you immediately for followup.
  3. *Exclusive* Emailed Reports: Your visitors can receive free emailed reports customized with your contact information!  Visitors request the report, our plugin generates the report  and emails it to the visitor. And again, we send that contact information to you immediately for followup.

What you’ll also receive:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable toll free technical support.
  • Lead filtering – duplicate lead are filtered so you only see each unique  lead once.
  • A lead control panel to view your leads including contact information and dates.

EASY Install!  Our DIY Leads Plugin is provided as a WordPress plugin meaning that you can install it like any other WordPress plugin (download from us, upload to your website, and activate it in your WordPress control panel – dead simple).

No frames, fully integrated into your website’s theme, and no redirecting to other sites to run the quote.

Contact us now to get started!