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We’ve been online since 1999 working with both life companies and agent.  As a technology company we are often early adopters of technology, with services based on practical real world experience.



Insurance Squared’s online marketing services resulted in high rankings for our website.  Those rankings resulted in the sale of thousands of policies over the last 10+ years.

Gordon Conwell


Chris Huntley

Huntley Wealth & Insurance Services

As a non-face to face insurance agency, I’ve relied on Insurance Squared’s lead generation tools for over 10 years now.  I’ve tried others, nobody else has Insurance Squared’s level of expertise or their abilty to produce long term results.

Peter Choma

Solutions Financial

We were Insurance Squared’s first SEO client well over 10 years ago.  That initial service resulted in top rankings spanning years.  A good portion of our current client base (and resulting renewals) came from that one contract.

Chris Funnell


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